Bali Child Care – Babysitting Services based in Bali

We are a group of professional babysitters and most of our sitters are experienced over ten years of babysitting services at many different hotels and villas in Bali, and of course we also selectively recruiting teenagers and freshly graduated student from tourism and nursing school to join us, for us to continuously available to provide our services to our partners that invite us to be involved in the hospitality industry and allow us to develop our resources continue to perform best and become a beneficial selling point to our partners.

To have a further and deeper understanding of what we are doing, allow us to describe an intro for each subject that we mention on our website to give you an overview of the organization’s whole concept, you will find how you can support us either as a company or person to move us forward and brings more benefits, especially to our sitters whom has the biggest effort in the field to keep us at the best reputation organization in Bali, as the most vital point for us to gain trust from those hotels, villas and travel agencies operators, for us ‘trust’ is one thing that money couldn’t buy, we earned this to help us to continuously involve in the hospitality industry.

The first and foremost subject that we most concerned about is the customer reviews and comments, here we provide a page that allows you to simply share your experiences throughout your social media account, we are available on; Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor and google business, we would appreciate your support to share your feedback and feedforward on our social media as the base of our new missions to have everyday improvement. If you’re one of those special people and big-hearted to see a room of improvement in a better way, simply send us your thought and perspective on how this organization can be even better for everyone, kindly email us here:

If you start wondering what motivates us to improves the quality of our services, there is a vision that we set as a mindset of all our team; “simply be part of your excellent holiday with your beloved children” if we look deeply into the word excellent, it isn’t an easy approach, but there is something fun to imagine if the whole family is having the best time, we can’t be happier to be part of it, isn’t it?. We have our mission set in developing our team capability to be responsible to their action during in charge whilst ensuring your beloved children having the best time, updated guidelines and regulations based on our partners and customer reviews and comments at our performance is a direction for us to arrive in our vision.

The other matter that we do concern about is the basic requirements for our sitter to always be in the standard circumstances that allow them to perform at best, we have our term and condition set which we recommend to follow because this is something simple but might bring an unpleased impact, if one moment it doesn’t accordingly goes to our term and condition, then sometimes it bringing pain that will take weeks or even months to recover from, for instance; because we having the best time we tent to forget small thing such as lunch break, by then the sitter can’t anymore do their best and start experiencing gastric pains, from here thing can get even worse if we don’t prevent it in advance and take care of it very well.

The kind of the opposite subject from above is your privacy policy that we set in a list of “dos and don’ts” for our sitters. Learned from our experience from 2013, Privacy Policy’s update based on what acquired in the field is necessary, at some point our partner share their experience and to prevent the same case, thus we add the new items accordingly and re-announce to our sitter to follow the latest privacy policy. If there anything you find required adding from your perspective, we will appreciate your supports.

At last but none the least is The Liability Insurance, you might find this is the obligations to all similar type of services. The deeper you think about it the scarier you become. We have the same thought though, thus we do best to follow up on our email that we send to our national and international insurance company, applying our organization to be covered by an insurance company. Whilst taking all the risks that we might faces but minimize the worse scenario possibilities we do best to take any preventive actions, reminders, basic safety regulations and agreements, both between the customer and our team. We well understood the possibility of human error or even force major such as earthquake or tsunami, but despite all those risks we don’t give up and look from a different perspective to place our vision as our priority. If we have the chance to get our Liability Insurance, that doesn’t mean we can provide our service irresponsibly, isn’t it? Although we aren’t covered, I have great confidence that you still consider choosing us for the service, because we are Bali Child Care, we’ll do it with care and we loved it!