Bali Child Care – Babysitting Services based in Bali

Bali Child Care is a group of baby sitter that based in Bali, serving those whom having family holiday with their babies which is needed special attention of course. Our group member is mostly experienced baby sitter which has been trained according to feedback we get from our previous customer.

In achieving our goal to satisfy our customer and take a good care of their babies, we always ask a review from each customer for a reason to building a better service and also to keep a long term relationship with our customer.

By offering customer our best service of our experienced baby sitter, we believes by choosing us in babysitting services, you have no doubt because you have made the right choice.

Nengah is the communication partner of this group; he is working in a website company Astinproduction for several years and expert in communication throughout internet by his experience in communication to clients of the company where he is working. And now his mission is to help this group of people which is named Baby Sitting in Bali to communicate to their customer.

We lead this group by the ideas to develop a better service since some of us had been experienced in this business and we share to those whom willing to give babysitting service but have limited knowledge, therefore we share our knowledge in handling baby and also in babies communication.

Our nannies are divided into two groups which a group of senior that experienced in childcare service for years and the junior are people recently recruited from the tourism school and that newly applied to be member from certain areas around Bali to keep our service continuity.

As the senior and the founder of this organization, we trying our best to keep our service in the best quality, we do training and share our experience to our sitters, and every weekend we do briefing, care and share to each other.

We understand that during achieving perfection we have to go throughout the process and yet we have to keep on developing better and better services, in order to have a better standard childcare service, we trying to keep in touch to care and share with other company.