Vision and Mission

OUR SIMPLE VISION of the future.

First of all, we would like to begin with the history of how this company was founded in 2013, It was inspired by a lady named Astuti, she does this service for a very long time until she found out that she was underpaid by the company that hires her for the service that she provides including the responsibility and the risk that may arise with it, she was so disappointed and told me her problem, I was triggered to study the problem and see how I can provide the solution.

As a website designer, I do research online about this type of services and to my amazed I found there are over 25 companies that mostly run by foreigners, the oldest was established since the last 15 years at that moment and this is a humongous challenge for me, but I don’t plan to give up, I see a clear reason that if I can make a happier team of babysitters, it’s worth to strike on. I decided to start immediately and get a suitable domain name for the service, which is

By the first year, our website was visited by a few people but none of them manages to contact us but at the beginning of the second year, we finally contacted by our neighbouring newly built hotel named The Trans Resort Seminyak. We are so fortunate to be invited to provide our babysitting services, at that moment we were teamed of 25 sitters that we successfully recruited on the second year.

After several months running our babysitting service with this hotel, we realized that its required experienced management skill since we received too many complaints regarding punctuality and cleanliness. Our company was facing lost because we agreed to provide whatever it was as complimentary to make the guest happy as our solution in handling the problem of the standard of our human resources because we were not selectively recruited them.

On the third year running and our first renewal contract at The Trans Resort Seminyak, we were given the second chance with the condition to improve the standard of our human resources. Here is the birth of dos and don’ts regulation, special uniform designed, new standard and training programs were set and implemented to our team and we finally make improvement step by step, there were less and less complain and we started to have our returned customer from last year.

We learned lots from those experiences; we studied our customer expectation from the services that we provide. Our customers come to Bali for a holiday in purpose to experience excellent quality time with their family and friends. We basically in charge to ensure this experienced by the little one that we look after, thus the parent can freely having the best time during the holiday without any doubt. This is what we expected from all of our sitters and our management’s team.

We should come with the effort to perform the best to be part of it, here we decided to set our simple vision, that is easy to remember but on the other hand, it has to provide meaning that we always can think of, something that makes everyone wanted to have and experience. We decided to take the following sentence to be our vision “simply be part of your excellent holiday with your beloved children”. This is what we found so motivating, it’s something exciting to see everybody experiencing their best time, this vision should make our team more focus on how to achieve this excellent quality time that we all enjoy very much at the same time to take the responsibility as the co-parent for the children that we look after.

AND NOW, HERE WE ARE “simply be part of your excellent holiday with your beloved children”



We have mentioned on our introduction that we have been so motivated to eventually make our vision come true, there is excitement if we can manage it well, but we don’t think we can go without proper capabilities, to achieve skilled and experienced sitter, there are several missions that we have set up in our company.

Our mission is more about developing qualified sitters; our development program is divided into two categories, at some sense its long term and short term program;

  1. Basic Regular Development Programs
  2. Study Cases Development Programs

In our basic regular development programs, there are 4 basic qualifications to be a babysitter, the program is to be maintained regularly at least every 6 months, this set works as a reminder to our sitter to be always able to perform in regard of safety for the children that they look after during in charges ;

  • Basic English conversation
  • Basic Swimming Skill
  • Basic Safety in The House Skill
  • Basic Life Support / First Aid Training

Speaking Basic English conversation is the very basic qualification, we have the content of this standard Basic English conversation published under our development program page, please click here to have a look. We start with the simple formation of greeting and introduction, mainly to catch up the basic plan and activities for the children and of course its including the parent house rules. We strongly recommend maintaining communication with our sitter, by the end of the day, our sitter should be ready with a summary of the activities and how do the children spend their time. We might miss some sentences that might be useful for our sitter in your perspective, please kindly support us by contacting us through our email address;

Basic Swimming Skill is one of the most important skills or qualification because the summer holiday is mostly about spending time in the pool and summer in Bali is around 40 Degrees Celsius during the day. Thus it’s a perfect time for swimming and it’s a must for our sitter to be able to join the children to play in the water and have fun together. In this particular program, we regularly invite our sitter to join our swimming lesson event which we launch in the public pool, we hire a professional swimming instructor to train our newly recruited sitter and to remind our senior sitter regarding the basic swimming safety rules.

Basic Safety in The House Skill is an absolute basic required knowledge, the ability of our sitter to immediately understood the surrounding environment if there potential danger or risk and prevents it at best. Often we have to look after the children in the room especially before bedtime and understanding on how the room must be the safest playground area for the children is important. The obvious object that we mostly find unsafe for the children such as; plug adaptor, cutlery, plates, glass or ceramic and all those fragile and easily broken stuff and risky for the children must be away during playing time.

Basic Life Support / First Aid Training, we work with BIMC Hospital to conducts this event regularly twice a year to remind our sitter and keep our sitter capable to anticipate any possible accident and immediately know what to do in case there is the unexpected danger that required life-saving skill, especially for the children that they look after. BIMC Hospital can provide Basic Life Support training, BIMC currently has a program which offers: An introduction to Basic Life Support, DRCAB (Danger, Response, Compression, Airway, Breathing), Resuscitation and Action Plan, EAR and CPR, Recovery Position, What to do if someone has an Obstructed Airway, Other related topics (such as burns, near drowning, shock, choking, snake bite, bleeding, etc), How to handle an Emergency Call and Skill Station.

Those are our current regular mission. Moreover, we have our Study Cases Development Programs, this particular program is mostly what we think of a solution of any problem that recently acquired in the field, the small obstacle that might hold us in creating our dreamed vision. As we mention in our introduction section; Study Cases Development Programs is the updated mission at any necessary moment and urgently required actions to prevent the same case happen in the future.

The following lists are what we expect to be implemented urgently, but at any chance, you might notice something newly pop up and worth adding, you can support us and send your email to;

  • To ensure all the sitter appear 15 minutes before the starting time to complete the registration in advance
  • To ensure all the sitter wearing the formal uniform from Bali Child Care to distinguish outside sitter and our sitter

All our Missions above are mainly to develop our team into the quality to achieve our Vision.