Development Program

Speaking Basic English conversation is the very basic qualification, we have the content of this standard Basic English conversation published under our development program page, please click here to have a look. We start with the simple formation of greeting and introduction, mainly to catch up the basic plan and activities for the children and of course its including the parent house rules. We strongly recommend maintaining communication with our sitter, by the end of the day, our sitter should be ready with a summary of the activities and how do the children spend their time. We might miss some sentences that might be useful for our sitter in your perspective, please kindly support us by contacting us through our email address;

Basic Swimming Skill is one of the most important skills or qualification because the summer holiday is mostly about spending time in the pool and summer in Bali is around 40 Degrees Celsius during the day. Thus it’s a perfect time for swimming and it’s a must for our sitter to be able to join the children to play in the water and have fun together. In this particular program, we regularly invite our sitter to join our swimming lesson event which we launch in the public pool, we hire a professional swimming instructor to train our newly recruited sitter and to remind our senior sitter regarding the basic swimming safety rules.

Basic Safety in The House Skill is an absolute basic required knowledge, the ability of our sitter to immediately understood the surrounding environment if there potential danger or risk and prevents it at best. Often we have to look after the children in the room especially before bedtime and understanding on how the room must be the safest playground area for the children is important. The obvious object that we mostly find unsafe for the children such as; plug adaptor, cutlery, plates, glass or ceramic and all those fragile and easily broken stuff and risky for the children must be away during playing time.

Basic Life Support / First Aid Training, we work with BIMC Hospital to conducts this event regularly twice a year to remind our sitter and keep our sitter capable to anticipate any possible accident and immediately know what to do in case there is the unexpected danger that required life-saving skill, especially for the children that they look after. BIMC Hospital can provide Basic Life Support training, BIMC currently has a program which offers: An introduction to Basic Life Support, DRCAB (Danger, Response, Compression, Airway, Breathing), Resuscitation and Action Plan, EAR and CPR, Recovery Position, What to do if someone has an Obstructed Airway, Other related topics (such as burns, near drowning, shock, choking, snake bite, bleeding, etc), How to handle an Emergency Call and Skill Station.