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Thank you very much for considering us Bali Child Care to look after your beloved children, in this particular page we wish you to support us by sharing your experience of our sitter in charged, if you find a room for improvement for her or if simply wanted to recommend her for our customer which we will really appreciate and as our appreciation we set a recommendation program special for you whom willing to be in touch with us, we more than happy to provide free service either for you or your friend, which you may take as an option, read more on our “special offer” page on our website.

Moreover, the company has set a program for our sitters whom actually accomplish each missions and finally approaches our vision; “simply be part of your excellent holiday with your beloved children” inevitably our customers would delightfully spent a little of their time to share the experience, and if we found their words mention both institutions; our company and the hotel where they are staying, then our sitter deserves an amount of incentive reward from our company CV. BALI CHILD CARE. You will definitely see her smile on our latest most recommended sitter “sitter of the month”

By launching the program above, we expect extra enthusiasm for the whole team to perform at their best by heart, but as we mention before, if you notice there is room of improvement as we believe there always will be you may send it personally to our company email address here:, we will follow up and address the issue for a solution. Or even if you kindly provide advice of the possible solution, accordingly we will take a step forward from it.

As the CEO of this company, I personally really appreciate your support to our organization. Your involvement to guide us going forward and be better each day for both our team and our respected customers, team of our partners, happier and laughter for everyone, and if those are there, I will be the most ecstatic human being on earth, because I know this will bring the intended advantages and benefits for all of us.

Below are social media that we currently available for Bali Child Care and we also provide our latest customer review. We also have our private feedback and feed forward form, which allow you to send your experience personally to our company. Instead of opening your email application, you can simply write on our form below and submit it instantly, we will study if your message is worth to be set as our new mission and follow through your email after.

"FACEBOOK" This social media is the one that mostly uses by our customer to share their experience using our services, by tagging our facebook "FAN PAGE" will bringing the impact to the whole team directly, those who feel the need of improvement with go based on the review, for those whom mentioned in the review will be the most motivated sitter to even be better. Here is our latest Facebook Review:

" Out very active children were cared for by Bella who was the most amazing energetic and caring nanny I have ever had.
Thank you so much Bali childcare"

"INSTAGRAM" Is the place where we stores our pictures and videos of our activities that we records regularly at any chance during our special events, we won't have a focus image of the children unless their parents allows us to show their smiles and happiness, having their best time in Bali. Some pictures and videos are set in limited comments based on our customer request, but generally are opens.

"GOOGLE BUSINESS" Has the strongest impact on our business, this help us to make customers to find us easily online including the review and the customer rating, here we also provide our latest review;

"Bella was absolutely wonderful with our 3 year old son. He loved spending time with her and she was always happy and smiling! Thank you Bella!"

"TRIPADVISOR" Unfortunately we haven't succeeded in creating our account at TripAdvisor, we still doing our best to have our business listed, temporarily we only available on our personal which is here. If there somebody have any solution how we can be listed on TripAdvisor that allows our customer to give us review and rating to our company and team, please kindly send us your solution through our email;, thank you very much in advance for your support.

As we mention above,
we also provide a form for your private message below;